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SSEM agency in Malaga - Google Ads campaigns

In addition to organic SEO, there are many other ways to draw attention to your website. One such example is through SEM (search engine marketing) which has one main advantage: it is measurable, specifically through Google Ads campaigns.

Our experts analyse your website, keywords and competitors to create specific and targeted ads. There are different payment models such as “pay per click“, in which you only pay for each click or visit generated. Depending on the popularity of a keyword or combination of keywords, the costs will be higher.

We plan and manage your company’s advertising campaigns, always trying to obtain the best performance. We periodically verify the effectiveness of each of the campaigns, adjusting them if necessary.

We analyse, among other data, the web traffic and the quality of the clicks. How do the visitors who come to your site through an ad behave? What region do they come from? What time do they connect? The analysis of this data is essential to identify and correct issues, adapting the advertising strategy. You will receive regular reports on the number of visitors to your site.

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