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Search Engine Optimization

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Let’s be honest, no one spends a lot of time when it comes to making a Google search. Generally the user only has a quick look at the first few results which come up.

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your website appears in the first few positions is through the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which we apply. Through this optimisation, websites can improve their ‘organic level’, that’s to say its natural reach, and climb the ranking. Thanks to our tools, your potential clients will find you straight away through your keywords, without the need for you to spend money on advertising.

In this regard, the content, the relevance, the time the visitor spends on the website, the ease of use, the loading time and the quality of the links are key.

Added value

Google verifies that the content of each web page offers added value to the reader and its search engine responds positively when the quality is adequate. Having useful and valuable content is of utmost importance when trying to improve your place in the ranking. In order to do this, the general structure of the website is taken into account, as well as its different subsections and keywords which, in turn, are taken into account when carrying out the search.

In addition, if the general structure is correct, the user stays longer on the website, which once again results in an improvement in positioning. As a result, we are enormously concerned about the content and use of the right keywords when optimising.

Technical side

Search engine optimization also has a technical side. Firstly, loading times must be short so that the website can be quickly loaded onto any type of device, whether laptops, mobile phones or tablets.

On the other hand, navigation must also be straightforward and clear. The information must be easy to find not only for the user, but also for the search engine robot (known as the ‘crawler’) which regularly visits your website to index it.

Therefore, when planning your website, we take special care to ensure that all photos and multimedia content are in the correct format, and that use is smooth and efficient for search engines.

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